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"Justice, Taldor means justice! It just came to me."

Well, that would have been nice to know about five minutes earlier…

Teal’c pulled a Jack Traven and shot the hostage…

Not sure how I feel about that, except I’m glad Daniel’s safe.

So basically, Cassandra, Jack, and maybe Teal’c know something’s up with Sam.

C’mon, Danny boy, catch up ;)

Oh my God, all of your Margaret/Barton posts are on fucking point!

Well, thank you! :D Margaret is pretty much my fave character on that show and seeing her go through all this crap is hurting me. 

But the thing that really gets me is that Barton knew he was gay when Margaret was ten. It’s not like he married her and then figured it out, He knew long before they were married that he could never want her, and he married her anyway. 

I think Margaret calling him a thief was perfectly justified. She’s right; it should have been her choice whether she wanted to be married to a gay man, and he stole that choice - and by extension those years she could have been with someone who could want her - from her when he kept his sexual orientation from her. And by trapping her with a man who could never want her, he stole something else: her sense of self-worth.

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"I think what the captain is asking is… what now?"

"Now we die."

"Well that’s a bad plan."

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"Because you are not a god. You are a parasite within a child, and I depise you."


Oh, your plan didn’t work, and so you’re just gonna try and hightail it out of there?