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"We still have false gods to slay."

"Well somebody’s gotta teach that guy how to die."

I agree.

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"Then we will dispose of them."


Okay, Jack’s a little impatient regarding civilizations that won’t give them advanced tech, but he’d never just steal it. And he’s not usually this much of a dick.

"Maybourne, you are an idiot every day of the week. Why couldn’t you have just taken one day off?"

My God, I love Sam.

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Yeah, you should have killed him. Immediately after he got the Tok’ra planet wrong.

Killing someone slowly gives them more time to think of an escape plan/plan to beat you.

Also you kept a being with one of the biggest god complexes alive because you wanted to enjoy his suffering? No. Those are just the types that will overthrow you and kill you if given the chance.

Okay, all of the Goa’uld have a god complex, but Apophis has got it bad. Like seriously dude. Take a page out of Greek mythology and control your hubris before it becomes your fatal flaw.

"From this day forth I will reclaim my real name. Apophis."


Well, it would make sense that Sokar’s Jaffa would have a pentagram as their mark/symbol.